Class AnalysisModelParser.AnalysisModelParserDescriptor

    • Method Detail

      • getDescriptionProvider

        protected DescriptionProvider getDescriptionProvider()
        Returns a description provider to obtain detailed issue descriptions.
        a description provider
      • createParser

        public createParser​( options)
        Returns a new parser to scan a log file and return the issues reported in such a file.
        options - options to configure the parser - may customize the new parser instance (if supported by the selected tool)
        the parser to use
      • getHelp

        public String getHelp()
        Description copied from class: Tool.ToolDescriptor
        Returns an optional help text that can provide useful hints on how to configure the static analysis tool so that the report files could be parsed by Jenkins. This help can be a plain text message or an HTML snippet.
        getHelp in class Tool.ToolDescriptor
        the help