Class AquaScanner.Descriptor

All Implemented Interfaces:
Saveable, OnMaster
Enclosing class:

@Symbol("aquaScanner") @Extension public static class AquaScanner.Descriptor extends AnalysisModelParser.AnalysisModelParserDescriptor
Descriptor for this static analysis tool.
  • Constructor Details

    • Descriptor

      public Descriptor()
      Creates the descriptor instance.
  • Method Details

    • canScanConsoleLog

      public boolean canScanConsoleLog()
      Description copied from class: ReportScanningTool.ReportScanningToolDescriptor
      Returns whether this parser can scan the console log. Typically, only line based parsers can scan the console log. XML parsers should always parse a given file only.
      canScanConsoleLog in class ReportScanningTool.ReportScanningToolDescriptor
      the parser to use
    • isPostProcessingEnabled

      public boolean isPostProcessingEnabled()
      Description copied from class: Tool.ToolDescriptor
      Returns whether post-processing on the agent is enabled for this tool. If enabled, for all issues absolute paths, fingerprints, packages and modules will be detected. Additionally, all affected files will be saved in the build so that these files can be shown in the UI later on.,
      isPostProcessingEnabled in class Tool.ToolDescriptor
      true if post-processing is enabled, false otherwise