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Interface ModelObjectWithContextMenu

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AbstractBuild, AbstractCloudComputer, AbstractCloudImpl, AbstractItem, AbstractProject, AbstractTopLevelItem, Actionable, Build, Cloud, Computer, FreeStyleBuild, FreeStyleProject, Hudson, Hudson.MasterComputer, Jenkins, Jenkins.MasterComputer, Job, Label, LabelAtom, LabelExpression, LabelExpression.And, LabelExpression.Binary, LabelExpression.Iff, LabelExpression.Implies, LabelExpression.Not, LabelExpression.Or, LabelExpression.Paren, ManageJenkinsAction, Project, Queue.BlockedItem, Queue.BuildableItem, Queue.Item, Queue.LeftItem, Queue.NotWaitingItem, Queue.WaitingItem, Run, SlaveComputer, User, ViewJob

public interface ModelObjectWithContextMenu extends ModelObject
ModelObject that has context menu in the breadcrumb.

When the user is visiting a particular page, all the ancestor objects that has ModelObject appears in the breadcrumbs. Among those which that also implements ModelObjectWithContextMenu shows the drop-down menu for providing quicker access to the actions to those objects.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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