Class NodeMonitor

    • Constructor Detail

      • NodeMonitor

        public NodeMonitor()
    • Method Detail

      • getColumnCaption

        public String getColumnCaption()
        Returns the name of the column to be added to ComputerSet index.jelly.
        null to not render a column. The convention is to use capitalization like "Foo Bar Zot".
      • getDescriptor

        public AbstractNodeMonitorDescriptor<?> getDescriptor()
        Description copied from interface: Describable
        Gets the descriptor for this instance.

        Descriptor is a singleton for every concrete Describable implementation, so if a.getClass() == b.getClass() then by default a.getDescriptor() == b.getDescriptor() as well. (In rare cases a single implementation class may be used for instances with distinct descriptors.)

        Specified by:
        getDescriptor in interface Describable<NodeMonitor>
      • data

        public Object data​(Computer c)
        Obtains the monitoring result currently available, or null if no data is available.
      • triggerUpdate

        public Thread triggerUpdate()
        Starts updating the data asynchronously. If there's any previous updating activity going on, it'll be interrupted and aborted.
        Thread object that carries out the update operation. You can use this to interrupt the execution or waits for the completion. Always non-null
      • isIgnored

        public boolean isIgnored()
        True if this monitoring shouldn't mark the agents offline.

        Many NodeMonitors implement a logic that if the value goes above/below a threshold, the agent will be marked offline as a preventive measure. This flag controls that.

        Unlike Publisher, where the absence of an instance indicates that it's disengaged, in NodeMonitor this boolean flag is used to indicate the disengagement, so that monitors work in opt-out basis.

      • setIgnored

        public void setIgnored​(boolean ignored)