Class AbstractNodeMonitorDescriptor<T>

Type Parameters:
T - represents the result of the monitoring.
All Implemented Interfaces:
Saveable, Loadable, OnMaster
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public abstract class AbstractNodeMonitorDescriptor<T> extends Descriptor<NodeMonitor>
Convenient base class for common NodeMonitor implementation where the "monitoring" consists of executing something periodically on every node and taking some action based on its result.
Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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    • canTakeOffline

      public boolean canTakeOffline()
      Indicates if this monitor is capable to take agents offline in case it detects a problem. If true, this will enable the configuration option to ignore the monitor. Defaults to true so plugins that do not override this method behave as before. Plugins that do implement a monitor that will not take agents offline should override this method and return false.
      true if this monitor might take agents offline
    • getConfigPage

      public String getConfigPage()
      getConfigPage in class Descriptor<NodeMonitor>
    • monitor

      protected abstract T monitor(Computer c) throws IOException, InterruptedException
      Performs monitoring of the given computer object. This method is invoked periodically to perform the monitoring of the computer.
      Application-specific value that represents the observed monitoring value on the given node. This value will be returned from the get(Computer) method. If null is returned, it will be interpreted as "no observed value." This is convenient way of abandoning the observation on a particular computer, whereas IOException is useful for indicating a hard error that needs to be corrected.
    • monitor

      protected Map<Computer,T> monitor() throws InterruptedException
      Performs monitoring across the board.
      For all the computers, report the monitored values.
    • get

      public T get(Computer c)
      Obtains the monitoring result currently available, or null if no data is available.

      If no data is available, a background task to collect data will be started.

    • getTimestamp

      public long getTimestamp()
      The timestamp that indicates when the last round of the monitoring has completed.
    • getTimestampString

      public String getTimestampString()
    • isIgnored

      public boolean isIgnored()
      Is this monitor currently ignored?
    • markOnline

      protected boolean markOnline(Computer c)
      Utility method to mark the computer online for derived classes.
      true if the node was actually taken online by this act (as opposed to us deciding not to do it, or the computer was already online.)
    • markOffline

      protected boolean markOffline(Computer c, OfflineCause oc)
      Utility method to mark the computer offline for derived classes.
      true if the node was actually taken offline by this act (as opposed to us deciding not to do it, or the computer already marked offline.)
    • markOffline

      @Deprecated protected boolean markOffline(Computer c)
      as of 1.320 Use markOffline(Computer, OfflineCause) to specify the cause.
    • getMonitoringTimeOut

      protected long getMonitoringTimeOut()
      Controls the time out of monitoring.