Class AbstractDiskSpaceMonitor

    • Field Detail

      • freeSpaceThreshold

        public final String freeSpaceThreshold
        The free space threshold, below which the node monitor will be triggered. This is a human readable string representation as entered by the user, so that we can retain the original notation.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractDiskSpaceMonitor

        protected AbstractDiskSpaceMonitor()
    • Method Detail

      • readResolve

        public Object readResolve()
      • setFreeSpaceWarningThreshold

        public void setFreeSpaceWarningThreshold​(String freeSpaceWarningThreshold)
      • getFreeSpaceWarningThreshold

        public String getFreeSpaceWarningThreshold()
      • getThresholdBytes

        public long getThresholdBytes()
      • getThresholdBytes

        protected long getThresholdBytes​(Computer c)
      • getWarningThresholdBytes

        protected long getWarningThresholdBytes()
      • getWarningThresholdBytes

        protected long getWarningThresholdBytes​(Computer c)
      • data

        public Object data​(Computer c)
        Description copied from class: NodeMonitor
        Obtains the monitoring result currently available, or null if no data is available.
        data in class NodeMonitor