Class UncategorizedSCMHeadCategory

  • public final class UncategorizedSCMHeadCategory
    extends SCMHeadCategory
    Standard category for uncategorized instances.
    • Constructor Detail

      • UncategorizedSCMHeadCategory

        public UncategorizedSCMHeadCategory​(@NonNull
                                            org.jvnet.localizer.Localizable displayName)
        Constructs a UncategorizedSCMHeadCategory with customized naming. Use this constructor when the generic naming is not appropriate terminology for the specific SCMSource's naming of branches.

        For example: the Accurev source control system uses the term "streams" to refer to the same thing that Git would call "branches", it would confuse Accurev users if we called their "streams" as "branches" so an Accurev specific provider would use this constructor to generate a singleton with the "streams" name. If there is a Git and Accurev source in the same context then SCMHeadCategory.collectAndSimplify(Iterable) will contain an UncategorizedSCMHeadCategory under the default key that has a SCMCategory.getDisplayName() of Branches / Streams

        displayName - the display name for the uncategorized SCMHeads when the source control system uses a different terminology from "branches".
    • Method Detail

      • isMatch

        public boolean isMatch​(@NonNull
                               SCMHead instance)
        Checks if the supplied instance is a match for this SCMCategory.
        Specified by:
        isMatch in class SCMCategory<SCMHead>
        instance - the instance to test.
        true if the instance belongs to this SCMCategory.