Class ChangeRequestSCMHeadCategory

    • Constructor Detail

      • ChangeRequestSCMHeadCategory

        public ChangeRequestSCMHeadCategory​(@NonNull
                                            org.jvnet.localizer.Localizable displayName)
        Constructs a ChangeRequestSCMHeadCategory with customized naming. Use this constructor when the generic naming is not appropriate terminology for the specific SCMSource's naming of change requests.
        displayName - the display name for change requests.
    • Method Detail

      • isMatch

        public boolean isMatch​(@NonNull
                               SCMHead instance)
        Checks if the supplied instance is a match for this SCMCategory.
        Specified by:
        isMatch in class SCMCategory<SCMHead>
        instance - the instance to test.
        true if the instance belongs to this SCMCategory.