Class SCMSourceDecorator<B extends SCMSourceBuilder<B,​S>,​S extends SCMSource>

    • Constructor Detail

      • SCMSourceDecorator

        protected SCMSourceDecorator()
        Infers the type of the corresponding SCMSourceBuilder from the type parameters of the implementation class. If the inference fails use SCMSourceDecorator(Class).
      • SCMSourceDecorator

        protected SCMSourceDecorator​(Class<B> builderClass)
        Bypasses SCMSourceBuilder type inference and specifies the type explicitly.
        builderClass - the specialization of SCMSourceBuilder that this decorator applies to.
    • Method Detail

      • decorate

        protected abstract void decorate​(B builder,
                                         String projectName)
        SPI: decorate the supplied builder for creation of the named project.
        builder - the builder to decorate.
        projectName - the project name.