Class SlaveTemplate

    • Field Detail

      • description

        public final String description
      • zone

        public final String zone
      • securityGroups

        public final String securityGroups
      • remoteFS

        public final String remoteFS
      • type

        public final type
      • ebsOptimized

        public final boolean ebsOptimized
      • monitoring

        public final boolean monitoring
      • t2Unlimited

        public final boolean t2Unlimited
      • labels

        public final String labels
      • initScript

        public final String initScript
      • tmpDir

        public final String tmpDir
      • userData

        public final String userData
      • numExecutors

        public final String numExecutors
      • remoteAdmin

        public final String remoteAdmin
      • javaPath

        public String javaPath
      • jvmopts

        public final String jvmopts
      • subnetId

        public final String subnetId
      • idleTerminationMinutes

        public final String idleTerminationMinutes
      • iamInstanceProfile

        public final String iamInstanceProfile
      • deleteRootOnTermination

        public final boolean deleteRootOnTermination
      • useEphemeralDevices

        public final boolean useEphemeralDevices
      • customDeviceMapping

        public final String customDeviceMapping
      • instanceCap

        public int instanceCap
      • stopOnTerminate

        public final boolean stopOnTerminate
      • associatePublicIp

        public final boolean associatePublicIp
      • parent

        protected transient EC2Cloud parent
      • launchTimeout

        public int launchTimeout
      • connectBySSHProcess

        public boolean connectBySSHProcess
      • maxTotalUses

        public int maxTotalUses
      • nextSubnet

        public int nextSubnet
      • currentSubnetId

        public String currentSubnetId
      • rootCommandPrefix

        public transient String rootCommandPrefix
      • slaveCommandPrefix

        public transient String slaveCommandPrefix
      • slaveCommandSuffix

        public transient String slaveCommandSuffix
      • usePrivateDnsName

        public boolean usePrivateDnsName
      • connectUsingPublicIp

        public boolean connectUsingPublicIp
      • useDedicatedTenancy

        public transient boolean useDedicatedTenancy
    • Method Detail

      • isConnectBySSHProcess

        public boolean isConnectBySSHProcess()
      • getParent

        public EC2Cloud getParent()
      • getLabelString

        public String getLabelString()
      • getDisplayName

        public String getDisplayName()
      • getSlaveName

        public String getSlaveName​(String instanceId)
      • getSecurityGroupString

        public String getSecurityGroupString()
      • getSecurityGroupSet

        public Set<String> getSecurityGroupSet()
      • parseSecurityGroups

        public Set<String> parseSecurityGroups()
      • getNumExecutors

        public int getNumExecutors()
      • getSshPort

        public int getSshPort()
      • getRemoteAdmin

        public String getRemoteAdmin()
      • getRootCommandPrefix

        public String getRootCommandPrefix()
      • getSlaveCommandPrefix

        public String getSlaveCommandPrefix()
      • getSlaveCommandSuffix

        public String getSlaveCommandSuffix()
      • chooseSubnetId

        public String chooseSubnetId()
      • chooseSubnetId

        public String chooseSubnetId​(boolean rotateSubnet)
      • getSubnetId

        public String getSubnetId()
      • getCurrentSubnetId

        public String getCurrentSubnetId()
      • getAssociatePublicIp

        public boolean getAssociatePublicIp()
      • setConnectUsingPublicIp

        public void setConnectUsingPublicIp​(boolean connectUsingPublicIp)
      • setUsePrivateDnsName

        public void setUsePrivateDnsName​(boolean usePrivateDnsName)
      • getUsePrivateDnsName

        public boolean getUsePrivateDnsName()
      • isConnectUsingPublicIp

        public boolean isConnectUsingPublicIp()
      • getidleTerminationMinutes

        public String getidleTerminationMinutes()
      • getAmi

        public String getAmi()
      • setAmi

        public void setAmi​(String ami)
      • setAmiType

        public void setAmiType​(AMITypeData amiType)
      • getMinimumNumberOfInstances

        public int getMinimumNumberOfInstances()
      • getMinimumNumberOfSpareInstances

        public int getMinimumNumberOfSpareInstances()
      • setMinimumNumberOfInstancesTimeRangeConfig

        public void setMinimumNumberOfInstancesTimeRangeConfig​(MinimumNumberOfInstancesTimeRangeConfig minimumNumberOfInstancesTimeRangeConfig)
      • getInstanceCap

        public int getInstanceCap()
      • getSpotBlockReservationDuration

        public int getSpotBlockReservationDuration()
      • getSpotBlockReservationDurationStr

        public String getSpotBlockReservationDurationStr()
      • getInstanceCapStr

        public String getInstanceCapStr()
      • getSpotMaxBidPrice

        public String getSpotMaxBidPrice()
      • getIamInstanceProfile

        public String getIamInstanceProfile()
      • setHostKeyVerificationStrategy

        public void setHostKeyVerificationStrategy​(HostKeyVerificationStrategyEnum hostKeyVerificationStrategy)
      • getAmiOwners

        public String getAmiOwners()
      • setAmiOwners

        public void setAmiOwners​(String amiOwners)
      • getAmiUsers

        public String getAmiUsers()
      • setAmiUsers

        public void setAmiUsers​(String amiUsers)
      • getAmiFilters

        public List<EC2Filter> getAmiFilters()
      • setAmiFilters

        public void setAmiFilters​(List<EC2Filter> amiFilters)
      • getMaxTotalUses

        public int getMaxTotalUses()
      • getMetadataEndpointEnabled

        public Boolean getMetadataEndpointEnabled()
      • getMetadataTokensRequired

        public Boolean getMetadataTokensRequired()
      • getMetadataHopsLimit

        public Integer getMetadataHopsLimit()
      • getTenancyAttribute

        public Tenancy getTenancyAttribute()
      • attach

        public EC2AbstractSlave attach​(String instanceId,
                                       TaskListener listener)
                                throws com.amazonaws.AmazonClientException,
        Provisions a new EC2 agent based on the currently running instance on EC2, instead of starting a new one.
      • readResolve

        protected Object readResolve()
        Initializes data structure that we don't persist.
      • getLaunchTimeout

        public int getLaunchTimeout()
      • getLaunchTimeoutStr

        public String getLaunchTimeoutStr()
      • isWindowsSlave

        public boolean isWindowsSlave()
      • isUnixSlave

        public boolean isUnixSlave()
      • isMacAgent

        public boolean isMacAgent()
      • getAdminPassword

        public Secret getAdminPassword()
      • isUseHTTPS

        public boolean isUseHTTPS()
      • isAllowSelfSignedCertificate

        public boolean isAllowSelfSignedCertificate()