Class SpotConfiguration

    • Field Detail

      • useBidPrice

        public final boolean useBidPrice
    • Constructor Detail

      • SpotConfiguration

        public SpotConfiguration​(boolean useBidPrice,
                                 String spotMaxBidPrice,
                                 boolean fallbackToOndemand,
                                 String spotBlockReservationDurationStr)
      • SpotConfiguration

        public SpotConfiguration​(boolean useBidPrice)
    • Method Detail

      • getSpotMaxBidPrice

        public String getSpotMaxBidPrice()
      • setSpotMaxBidPrice

        public void setSpotMaxBidPrice​(String spotMaxBidPrice)
      • getFallbackToOndemand

        public boolean getFallbackToOndemand()
      • setFallbackToOndemand

        public void setFallbackToOndemand​(boolean fallbackToOndemand)
      • getSpotBlockReservationDuration

        public int getSpotBlockReservationDuration()
      • setSpotBlockReservationDuration

        public void setSpotBlockReservationDuration​(int spotBlockReservationDuration)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • normalizeBid

        public static String normalizeBid​(String bid)
        Check if the specified value is a valid bid price to make a Spot request and return the normalized string for the float of the specified bid Bids must be >= .001
        bid - - price to check
        The normalized string for a Float if possible, otherwise null