Package hudson.slaves

Class ChannelPinger

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    public class ChannelPinger
    extends ComputerListener
    Establish a periodic ping to keep connections between agents and the main Jenkins node alive. This prevents network proxies from terminating connections that are idle for too long.
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      • ChannelPinger

        public ChannelPinger()
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      • preOnline

        public void preOnline​(Computer c,
                              hudson.remoting.Channel channel,
                              FilePath root,
                              TaskListener listener)
        Description copied from class: ComputerListener
        Called before a Computer is marked online.

        This enables you to do some work on all the agents as they get connected. Unlike ComputerListener.onOnline(Computer, TaskListener), a failure to carry out this function normally will prevent a computer from marked as online.

        preOnline in class ComputerListener
        channel - This is the channel object to talk to the agent. (This is the same object returned by Computer.getChannel() once it's connected.
        root - The directory where this agent stores files. The same as Node.getRootPath(), except that method returns null until the agent is connected. So this parameter is passed explicitly instead.
        listener - This is connected to the launch log of the computer. Since this method is called synchronously from the thread that launches a computer, if this method performs a time-consuming operation, this listener should be notified of the progress. This is also a good listener for reporting problems.
        See Also:
        ComputerListener.onOnline(Computer, TaskListener)
      • install

        public void install​(hudson.remoting.Channel channel)
      • setUpPingForChannel

        public static void setUpPingForChannel​(hudson.remoting.Channel channel,
                                               SlaveComputer computer,
                                               int timeoutSeconds,
                                               int intervalSeconds,
                                               boolean analysis)