Class SnippetizerLink

    • Constructor Detail

      • SnippetizerLink

        public SnippetizerLink()
    • Method Detail

      • getUrl

        public abstract String getUrl()
        Get the URL this link should point to, which will be used by getDisplayUrl(). If this is not absolute, getDisplayUrl() will link to this within the current context.
      • getDisplayUrl

        public final String getDisplayUrl()
        Get the actual URL to use in sidepanel.jelly. If getUrl() is not absolute, this will try to get the current Job context and return a url starting with that job's AbstractItem.getUrl() appended with getUrl().
      • getIcon

        public String getIcon()
        Get the icon information for the link.
      • getDisplayName

        public abstract String getDisplayName()
        Get the display name for the link.
      • inNewWindow

        public boolean inNewWindow()
        Check whether the link should target a new window - this defaults to false;