Class FindBugs

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Describable<Tool>, Serializable
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public class FindBugs extends AnalysisModelParser
Provides a parser and customized messages for FindBugs.
Ullrich Hafner
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  • Constructor Details

    • FindBugs

      @DataBoundConstructor public FindBugs()
      Creates a new instance of FindBugs.
  • Method Details

    • configureOptions

      protected[] configureOptions()
      Description copied from class: AnalysisModelParser
      Returns optional options to configure the parser - these options may customize the new parser instance (if supported by the selected).
      configureOptions in class AnalysisModelParser
      the options to use
    • getUseRankAsPriority

      public boolean getUseRankAsPriority()
    • setUseRankAsPriority

      @DataBoundSetter public void setUseRankAsPriority(boolean useRankAsPriority)
      If useRankAsPriority is true, then the FindBugs parser will use the rank when evaluation the priority. Otherwise the priority of the FindBugs warning will be mapped.
      useRankAsPriority - true to use the rank, false to use the