Class FindBugs

    • Constructor Detail

      • FindBugs

        public FindBugs()
        Creates a new instance of FindBugs.
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      • configureOptions

        protected[] configureOptions()
        Description copied from class: AnalysisModelParser
        Returns optional options to configure the parser - these options may customize the new parser instance (if supported by the selected).
        configureOptions in class AnalysisModelParser
        the options to use
      • getUseRankAsPriority

        public boolean getUseRankAsPriority()
      • setUseRankAsPriority

        public void setUseRankAsPriority​(boolean useRankAsPriority)
        If useRankAsPriority is true, then the FindBugs parser will use the rank when evaluation the priority. Otherwise the priority of the FindBugs warning will be mapped.
        useRankAsPriority - true to use the rank, false to use the