Class AbstractTestResultAction<T extends AbstractTestResultAction>

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractTestResultAction

        protected AbstractTestResultAction()
    • Method Detail

      • onLoad

        public void onLoad​(Run<?,​?> r)
        Specified by:
        onLoad in interface RunAction2
      • getFailCount

        public abstract int getFailCount()
        Gets the number of failed tests.
      • getSkipCount

        public int getSkipCount()
        Gets the number of skipped tests.
      • getTotalCount

        public abstract int getTotalCount()
        Gets the total number of tests.
      • getFailureDiffString

        public final String getFailureDiffString()
        Gets the diff string of failures.
      • getUrlName

        public String getUrlName()
        Specified by:
        getUrlName in interface Action
      • getHealthScaleFactor

        public double getHealthScaleFactor()
        Returns how much to scale the test related health by.
        a factor of 1.0 to have the test health be the percentage of tests passing so 20% of tests failing will report as 80% health. A factor of 2.0 will mean that 20% of tests failing will report as 60% health. A factor of 2.5 will mean that 20% of test failing will report as 50% health. A factor of 4.0 will mean that 20% of tests failing will report as 20% health. A factor of 5.0 will mean that 20% (or more) of tests failing will report as 0% health. A factor of 0.0 will disable test health reporting.
      • getApi

        public Api getApi()
        Exposes this object to the remote API.
      • getResult

        public abstract Object getResult()
        Returns the object that represents the actual test result. This method is used by the remote API so that the XML/JSON that we are sending won't contain unnecessary indirection (that is, AbstractTestResultAction in between.

        If such a concept doesn't make sense for a particular subtype, return this.

      • getPreviousResult

        public T getPreviousResult()
        Gets the test result of the previous build, if it's recorded, or null.
      • getPreviousResult

        public <U extends AbstractTestResultAction> U getPreviousResult​(Class<U> type,
                                                                        boolean eager)
      • findCorrespondingResult

        public TestResult findCorrespondingResult​(String id)
      • getFailedTests

        public List<? extends TestResult> getFailedTests()
        A shortcut for summary.jelly
        List of failed tests from associated test result.
      • getPassedTests

        public List<? extends TestResult> getPassedTests()
        A shortcut for scripting
        List of passed tests from associated test result.
      • getSkippedTests

        public List<? extends TestResult> getSkippedTests()
        A shortcut for scripting
        List of skipped tests from associated test result.
      • doGraph

        public void doGraph​(org.kohsuke.stapler.StaplerRequest req,
                            org.kohsuke.stapler.StaplerResponse rsp)
                     throws IOException
        Replaced by echarts in TODO
        Generates a PNG image for the test result trend.
      • getTestResultPath

        public String getTestResultPath​(TestResult it)
        Returns a full path down to a test result
      • setDescription

        protected void setDescription​(TestObject object,
                                      String description)
      • readResolve

        public Object readResolve()