Class BuildData

    • Method Detail

      • getTags

        public Map<String,​Set<String>> getTags()
        Assembles a map of tags containing: - Build Tags - Global Job Tags set in Job Properties - Global Tag set in Jenkins Global configuration
        a map containing all tags values
      • getJobName

        public String getJobName()
      • getBuildConfigurations

        public Map<String,​String> getBuildConfigurations()
      • isCompleted

        public boolean isCompleted()
      • isBuilding

        public boolean isBuilding()
      • setHostname

        public void setHostname​(String hostname)
      • getCharset

        public Charset getCharset()
      • getBuildNumber

        public String getBuildNumber​(String value)
      • getDuration

        public Long getDuration​(Long value)
      • getEndTime

        public Long getEndTime​(Long value)
      • getStartTime

        public Long getStartTime​(Long value)
      • getTotalQueueTimeMillis

        public long getTotalQueueTimeMillis()
        Returns the total time this build spent waiting in queue.
      • getVersion

        public Integer getVersion()
      • getTraceId

        public Long getTraceId()
      • getSpanId

        public Long getSpanId()
      • getUpstreamBuildTag

        public String getUpstreamBuildTag​(String value)
      • getJenkinsUrl

        public String getJenkinsUrl​(String value)
      • setJenkinsUrl

        public void setJenkinsUrl​(String jenkinsUrl)
      • getExecutorNumber

        public String getExecutorNumber​(String value)
      • getWorkspace

        public String getWorkspace​(String value)
      • getGitCommit

        public String getGitCommit​(String value)
      • getGitMessage

        public String getGitMessage​(String value)
      • getGitAuthorName

        public String getGitAuthorName​(String value)
      • getGitAuthorEmail

        public String getGitAuthorEmail​(String value)
      • getGitCommitterName

        public String getGitCommitterName​(String value)
      • getGitCommitterEmail

        public String getGitCommitterEmail​(String value)
      • getGitAuthorDate

        public String getGitAuthorDate​(String value)
      • getGitCommitterDate

        public String getGitCommitterDate​(String value)
      • getGitDefaultBranch

        public String getGitDefaultBranch​(String value)
      • getUserId

        public String getUserId()
      • getUserEmail

        public String getUserEmail​(String value)
      • getUpstreamPipelineUrl

        public String getUpstreamPipelineUrl()
      • getUpstreamPipelineTraceId

        public Long getUpstreamPipelineTraceId()
      • addLogAttributes

        public net.sf.json.JSONObject addLogAttributes()