Class CNTracker

    • Constructor Detail

      • CNTracker

        public CNTracker​(ConnectionFactory connectionFactory,
                         String project,
                         String tracker,
                         String title,
                         String assignUser,
                         Priority priority,
                         boolean attachLog,
                         boolean alwaysUpdate,
                         boolean closeOnSuccess,
                         String release)
        Constructs a new CNTracker instance.
        tracker - tracker name.
        title - title to use when create new tracker artifacts OR to find existing tracker artifacts.
        assignUser - user to assign new tracker artifacts to.
        priority - of new tracker artifacts.
        attachLog - if true, Jenkins build logs will be uploaded and attached when creating/updating tracker artifacts.
        alwaysUpdate - if true, always update the tracker artifacts (or create one), even if build is successful and the tracker artifact is closed. If false, only update when the tracker artifact is failing or is open.
        closeOnSuccess - if true, the tracker artifact will be closed if the Jenkins build is successful. Otherwise, open issues will be updated with a successful message, but remain open.
        release - to report the tracker artifact in.
    • Method Detail

      • getTracker

        public String getTracker()
        tracker name.
      • getTitle

        public String getTitle()
        title for the Tracker Artifact.
      • getAssignUser

        public String getAssignUser()
        the user to assign new Tracker Artifacts to.
      • getPriority

        public Priority getPriority()
        the priority to set new Tracker Artifacts to.
      • getAttachLog

        public boolean getAttachLog()
        true, if logs should be attached to Tracker Artifacts.
      • getAlwaysUpdate

        public boolean getAlwaysUpdate()
        true, if artifact creation/update should happen, even if the Jenkins build is successful and the artifact is not open.
      • getCloseOnSuccess

        public boolean getCloseOnSuccess()
        true, if artifacts should be closed when the Jenkins build succeeds.
      • getRelease

        public String getRelease()
        the name of the release which new Tracker Artifacts will be reported in.
      • getRequiredMonitorService

        public BuildStepMonitor getRequiredMonitorService()
      • logoff

        public void logoff()
        Log out of the collabnet server.