Class CTFArtifact

  • public class CTFArtifact
    extends Object
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
    • Field Detail

      • description

        public String description
      • category

        public String category
      • status

        public String status
      • statusClass

        public String statusClass
      • customer

        public String customer
      • folderId

        public String folderId
      • priority

        public int priority
      • estimatedEffort

        public int estimatedEffort
      • actualEffort

        public int actualEffort
      • remainingEffort

        public int remainingEffort
      • points

        public int points
      • version

        public int version
      • closeDate

        public Date closeDate
      • createdDate

        public Date createdDate
      • lastModifiedDate

        public Date lastModifiedDate
      • assignedTo

        public String assignedTo
      • createdBy

        public String createdBy
      • lastModifiedBy

        public String lastModifiedBy
      • reportedReleaseId

        public String reportedReleaseId
      • resolvedReleaseId

        public String resolvedReleaseId
      • planningFolderId

        public String planningFolderId
      • autosumming

        public boolean autosumming
    • Method Detail

      • getEstimatedEffort

        public int getEstimatedEffort()
      • setEstimatedEffort

        public void setEstimatedEffort​(int estimatedEffort)
      • getRemainingEffort

        public int getRemainingEffort()
      • setRemainingEffort

        public void setRemainingEffort​(int remainingEffort)
      • getPoints

        public int getPoints()
      • setPoints

        public void setPoints​(int points)
      • setLastModifiedBy

        public void setLastModifiedBy​(String lastModifiedBy)
      • getPlanningFolderId

        public String getPlanningFolderId()
      • setPlanningFolderId

        public void setPlanningFolderId​(String planningFolderId)
      • isAutosumming

        public boolean isAutosumming()
      • setAutosumming

        public void setAutosumming​(boolean autosumming)
      • refill

        public void refill()
                    throws IOException
        Obtains all the fields, not just those ones that are made available to us during the search.
      • setExistingArtfData

        public void setExistingArtfData​(org.json.simple.JSONObject currArtfData)
      • getURL

        public String getURL()
      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()
      • setDescription

        public void setDescription​(String description)
      • getCategory

        public String getCategory()
      • setCategory

        public void setCategory​(String category)
      • getGroup

        public String getGroup()
      • setGroup

        public void setGroup​(String group)
      • getStatus

        public String getStatus()
      • setStatus

        public void setStatus​(String status)
      • getStatusClass

        public String getStatusClass()
      • setStatusClass

        public void setStatusClass​(String statusClass)
      • getCustomer

        public String getCustomer()
      • setCustomer

        public void setCustomer​(String customer)
      • getPriority

        public int getPriority()
      • setPriority

        public void setPriority​(int priority)
      • getEstimatedHours

        public int getEstimatedHours()
      • setEstimatedHours

        public void setEstimatedHours​(int estimatedHours)
      • getActualHours

        public int getActualHours()
      • setActualHours

        public void setActualHours​(int actualHours)
      • getCloseDate

        public Date getCloseDate()
      • setCloseDate

        public void setCloseDate​(Date closeDate)
      • getAssignedTo

        public String getAssignedTo()
      • setAssignedTo

        public void setAssignedTo​(String assignedTo)
      • getReportedReleaseId

        public String getReportedReleaseId()
      • setReportedReleaseId

        public void setReportedReleaseId​(String reportedReleaseId)
      • getResolvedReleaseId

        public String getResolvedReleaseId()
      • setResolvedReleaseId

        public void setResolvedReleaseId​(String resolvedReleaseId)
      • setFlexFields

        public void setFlexFields​(CTFFlexField[] flexFields)
      • setPath

        public void setPath​(String path)
      • getPath

        public String getPath()
      • getTitle

        public String getTitle()
      • setTitle

        public void setTitle​(String title)
      • getFolderId

        public String getFolderId()
      • setFolderId

        public void setFolderId​(String folderId)
      • getVersion

        public int getVersion()
      • getCreatedBy

        public String getCreatedBy()
      • getLastModifiedBy

        public String getLastModifiedBy()
      • getCreatedDate

        public Date getCreatedDate()
      • getLastModifiedDate

        public Date getLastModifiedDate()
      • getId

        public String getId()
      • setId

        public void setId​(String id)
      • findByTitle

        protected <T extends ObjectWithTitle> T findByTitle​(List<T> list,
                                                            String title)
        Convenience method for a subtype to find an item in a collection by its title.