Class CTFTracker

    • Method Detail

      • createArtifact

        public CTFArtifact createArtifact​(String title,
                                          String description,
                                          String group,
                                          String category,
                                          String status,
                                          String customer,
                                          int priority,
                                          int estimatedHours,
                                          String assignTo,
                                          String[] releaseId,
                                          CTFFlexField flexFields,
                                          String fileName,
                                          String fileMimeType,
                                          CTFFile file)
                                   throws IOException
        Create a new tracker artifact with the given values.
        title - for the new tracker
        description - of the tracker
        group - of the tracker
        category - of the tracker
        status - of the tracker (open, closed, etc).
        customer - this artifact affects.
        priority - of the artifact.
        estimatedHours - to fix the issue.
        assignTo - user to assign this issue to.
        releaseId - of the release this issue is associated with.
        flexFields - user-defined fields.
        fileName - of the attachment.
        fileMimeType - of the attachment.
        file - of the attachment (returned when attachment was uploaded).
        the newly created Artifact object.
        RemoteException - if any problems occurs while creating artifact
      • findByTitle

        protected <T extends ObjectWithTitle> T findByTitle​(List<T> list,
                                                            String title)
        Convenience method for a subtype to find an item in a collection by its title.