Package hudson.util

Class DirScanner.Glob

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    public static class DirScanner.Glob
    extends DirScanner
    Scans by using Ant GLOB syntax.

    An initial basename is prepended as with DirScanner.Full if the includes and excludes are blank. Otherwise there is no prepended path. So for example when scanning a directory /tmp/dir containing a file file, the relativePath sent to the FileVisitor will be dir/file if includes is blank but file if it is **. (This anomaly is historical.)

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    • Constructor Detail

      • Glob

        public Glob​(String includes,
                    String excludes,
                    boolean useDefaultExcludes)
      • Glob

        public Glob​(String includes,
                    String excludes,
                    boolean useDefaultExcludes,
                    OpenOption... openOptions)
        2.275 and 2.263.2