Class CauseOfBlockage

Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractProject.BecauseOfDownstreamBuildInProgress, AbstractProject.BecauseOfUpstreamBuildInProgress, BlockedBecauseOfBuildInProgress, CauseOfBlockage.BecauseLabelIsBusy, CauseOfBlockage.BecauseLabelIsOffline, CauseOfBlockage.BecauseNodeIsBusy, CauseOfBlockage.BecauseNodeIsNotAcceptingTasks, CauseOfBlockage.BecauseNodeIsOffline, CompositeCauseOfBlockage

public abstract class CauseOfBlockage extends Object
If something is blocked/vetoed, this object represents why.

Originally, this is added for Queue.Task stuck in the queue, but since then the use of this has expanded beyond queues.


summary.jelly should do one-line HTML rendering to be used showing the cause to the user. By default it simply renders getShortDescription() text.

For queues, this is used while rendering the "build history" widget.

  • Constructor Details

    • CauseOfBlockage

      public CauseOfBlockage()
  • Method Details

    • getShortDescription

      public abstract String getShortDescription()
      Human readable description of why the build is blocked.
    • print

      public void print(TaskListener listener)
      Report a line to the listener about this cause.
    • fromMessage

      public static CauseOfBlockage fromMessage(@NonNull org.jvnet.localizer.Localizable l)
      Obtains a simple implementation backed by Localizable.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • createNeedsMoreExecutor

      public static CauseOfBlockage createNeedsMoreExecutor(org.jvnet.localizer.Localizable l)