Package hudson.model

Class StringParameterValue

    • Field Detail

      • value

        public String value
    • Constructor Detail

      • StringParameterValue

        public StringParameterValue​(String name,
                                    String value)
      • StringParameterValue

        public StringParameterValue​(String name,
                                    String value,
                                    String description)
    • Method Detail

      • buildEnvironment

        public void buildEnvironment​(Run<?,​?> build,
                                     EnvVars env)
        Exposes the name/value as an environment variable.
        buildEnvironment in class ParameterValue
        build - The build for which this parameter is being used. Never null.
        env - never null.
      • getValue

        public String getValue()
        Description copied from class: ParameterValue
        Returns the most natural Java object that represents the actual value, like boolean, string, etc.
        getValue in class ParameterValue
        if there is no natural value for this parameter type, this may be used; null may be used when the value is normally defined but missing in this case for various reasons
      • doTrim

        public void doTrim()
        Trimming for value
      • getShortDescription

        public String getShortDescription()
        Description copied from class: ParameterValue
        Computes a human-readable possible-localized one-line description of the parameter value.

        This message is used as a tooltip to describe jobs in the queue. The text should be one line without new line. No HTML allowed (the caller will perform necessary HTML escapes, so any text can be returned.)

        getShortDescription in class ParameterValue