Class CachingScriptLoader<S,E extends Exception>

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public abstract class CachingScriptLoader<S,E extends Exception> extends Object
Convenient base class for caching loaded scripts.
Kohsuke Kawaguchi
  • Constructor Details

    • CachingScriptLoader

      public CachingScriptLoader()
  • Method Details

    • findScript

      public S findScript(String name) throws E
      Locates the view script of the given name.
      name - if this is a relative path, such as "foo.jelly" or "foo/bar.groovy", then it is assumed to be relative to this class, so "org/acme/MyClass/foo.jelly" or "org/acme/MyClass/foo/bar.groovy" will be searched.

      If the extension is omitted, the default extension will be appended. This is useful for some loaders that support loading multiple file extension types (such as Jelly support.)

      If this starts with "/", then it is assumed to be absolute, and that name is searched from the classloader. This is useful to do mix-in.

      null if none was found.
      E extends Exception
    • loadScript

      protected abstract S loadScript(String name) throws E
      Cache-less version of the findScript(String) that provides the actual logic.
      E extends Exception
    • clearScripts

      public void clearScripts()
      Discards the cached script.
    • getResource

      protected abstract URL getResource(String name)