Class AbstractStepImpl

    • Method Detail

      • start

        public StepExecution start​(StepContext context)
                            throws Exception
        Constructs a step execution automatically according to AbstractStepDescriptorImpl.getExecutionType().
        Specified by:
        start in class Step
        true if the execution of this step has synchronously completed before this method returns. It is the callee's responsibility to set the return value via StepContext.onSuccess(Object) or FutureCallback.onFailure(Throwable). false if the asynchronous execution has started and that StepContext will be notified when the result comes in. (Note that the nature of asynchrony is such that it is possible for the StepContext to be already notified before this method returns.)
        Exception - if any exception is thrown, Step is assumed to have completed abnormally synchronously (as if FutureCallback.onFailure(java.lang.Throwable) is called and the method returned true.)
      • prepareInjector

        protected static prepareInjector​(StepContext context,
                                                                    Step step)
        Creates an Injector that performs injection to Inject and StepContextParameter.