Interface FlowChunk

All Known Subinterfaces:
FlowChunkWithContext, ParallelFlowChunk<ChunkType>
All Known Implementing Classes:
MemoryFlowChunk, ParallelMemoryFlowChunk

public interface FlowChunk

Common container interface for a series of FlowNodes with a logical start and end.

We use this because every plugin has a different way of storing info about the nodes.

Common uses:

  • A single FlowNode (when coupling with timing/status APIs)
  • A block (with a BlockStartNode and BlockEndNode)
  • A linear run of marked nodes (such as a legacy stage)
  • A parallel block (special case of block)
  • A parallel branch within a parallel block
  • A mix of types in sequence, such as nested structures
Sam Van Oort
  • Method Details

    • getFirstNode

      @NonNull FlowNode getFirstNode()
    • getLastNode

      @NonNull FlowNode getLastNode()