Class SummaryModel

  • public class SummaryModel
    extends Object
    Summary message of a static analysis run. This message is shown as part of the 'summary.jelly' information of the associated ResultAction.
         Tool Name: %d issues from %d analyses
            - Results from analyses {%s, ... %s}
            - %d new issues (since build %d)
            - %d outstanding issues
            - %d fixed issues
            - No issues since build %d
            - Quality gates: passed (Reference build %d)
    Ullrich Hafner
    • Constructor Detail

      • SummaryModel

        public SummaryModel​(StaticAnalysisLabelProvider labelProvider,
                            AnalysisResult result)
        Creates a new SummaryModel.
        labelProvider - the label provider to get the labels for the static analysis tool
        result - the result of the static analysis tool
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        public String getId()
      • getName

        public String getName()
      • getTitle

        public String getTitle()
        Returns the title for the small information box in the corresponding build page.
        the title
      • getAnalysesCount

        public int getAnalysesCount()
        Returns the number of analysis files that have been parsed in this step.
        the number of analysis files
      • getErrors

        public org.eclipse.collections.api.list.ImmutableList<String> getErrors()
      • getTotalSize

        public int getTotalSize()
      • getNewSize

        public int getNewSize()
      • getFixedSize

        public int getFixedSize()
      • getTools

        public List<StaticAnalysisLabelProvider> getTools()
        Returns the tools that contribute to this result.
        the tools that have been used in this report
      • totalSize

        public int totalSize​(String origin)
        Returns the number of issues for a specific tool given by its origin value.
        origin - the ID of the tool
        the number of issues for this tool
      • isResetQualityGateVisible

        public boolean isResetQualityGateVisible()
      • getReferenceBuild

        public Optional<Run<?,​?>> getReferenceBuild()
      • isZeroIssuesHighscore

        public boolean isZeroIssuesHighscore()
      • getNoIssuesSinceBuild

        public int getNoIssuesSinceBuild()
      • getZeroIssuesHighscoreMessage

        public String getZeroIssuesHighscoreMessage()