Class IssueReportScanner

All Implemented Interfaces:
FilePath.FileCallable<io.jenkins.plugins.util.AgentFileVisitor.FileVisitorResult<>>, Serializable, org.jenkinsci.remoting.RoleSensitive

public class IssueReportScanner extends io.jenkins.plugins.util.AgentFileVisitor<>
Scans the workspace for issues reports that match a specified Ant file pattern and parse these files with the specified parser. Creates a new Report for each parsed file. For files that cannot be read, an empty report will be returned.
Ullrich Hafner
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  • Constructor Details

    • IssueReportScanner

      public IssueReportScanner(String filePattern, String encoding, boolean followSymbolicLinks, parser, boolean errorOnEmptyFiles)
      Creates a new instance of IssueReportScanner.
      filePattern - ant file-set pattern to scan for files to parse
      encoding - encoding of the files to parse
      followSymbolicLinks - determines whether the visitor should traverse symbolic
      parser - the parser to use
      errorOnEmptyFiles - determines whether the visitor should log errors if a file is empty
  • Method Details

    • processFile

      protected Optional<> processFile(Path file, Charset charset, log)
      Specified by:
      processFile in class io.jenkins.plugins.util.AgentFileVisitor<>