Class DeltaReport

  • public class DeltaReport
    extends Object
    Provides the delta between the reports of two different builds.
    Ullrich Hafner
    • Constructor Detail

      • DeltaReport

        public DeltaReport​( report,
                           History history,
                           int currentBuildNumber)
        Creates a new instance of DeltaReport.
        report - the current report
        history - the history that will provide the reference build (if there is any)
        currentBuildNumber - the number of the current build, the reference of all new warnings will be set to this number
    • Method Detail

      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()
        Returns whether this report contains issues or not.
        true if the report is empty, false otherwise
      • getReferenceBuildId

        public String getReferenceBuildId()
        Returns the ID of the reference build.
        the reference build ID
      • getAllIssues

        public getAllIssues()
        Returns all issues of the current build.
        the issues of the current build.
      • getOutstandingIssues

        public getOutstandingIssues()
        Returns all outstanding issues: i.e. all issues, that are part of the current and reference report.
        the outstanding issues
      • getNewIssues

        public getNewIssues()
        Returns all new issues: i.e. all issues, that are part of the current report but have not been shown up in the reference report.
        the new issues
      • getFixedIssues

        public getFixedIssues()
        Returns all fixed issues: i.e. all issues, that are part of the reference report but are not present in the current report anymore.
        the fixed issues
      • getStatistics

        public IssuesStatistics getStatistics()
        Returns statistics for the number of issues (total, new, delta).
        the issues statistics