Class AnalysisHistory

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    History, Iterable<<AnalysisBuildResult>>

    public class AnalysisHistory
    extends Object
    implements History
    Provides a history of static analysis results. The history starts from a baseline build and provides access to a historical build result of the same type (or to all historical results using the provided interator implementation). The results are filtered by a ResultSelector, so a history returns only results of the same type. This history can be configured to ignore the overall result of the associated Jenkins builds (see JobResultEvaluationMode). Additionally, this history can be configured to ignore the builds that did not pass the quality gate (see QualityGateEvaluationMode). Note that the baseline run might still be in progress and thus has not yet a result attached: i.e., the result of the getPrevious* methods may return different results on subsequent calls.
    Ullrich Hafner