Class ProcFilesRetriever

All Implemented Interfaces:
ExtensionPoint, Describable<ObjectComponent<Computer>>
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class ProcFilesRetriever extends ObjectComponent<Computer>
Base class for gathering specified /proc files
  • Constructor Details

    • ProcFilesRetriever

      public ProcFilesRetriever()
  • Method Details

    • getNodeName

      protected static String getNodeName(Node node)
    • getFilesToRetrieve

      public abstract Map<String,String> getFilesToRetrieve()
      Returns the map of files that should be retrieved.

      file name => path in the support bundle.

      For example /proc/meminfo => meminfo.txt.

      the map of files that should be retrieved and put in the support bundle.
    • getNodes

      protected List<Node> getNodes()
    • getRequiredPermissions

      @NonNull public Set<Permission> getRequiredPermissions()
      Description copied from class: Component
      Returns the (possibly empty, never null) list of permissions that are required for the user to include this in a bundle. An empty list indicates that any user can include this bundle.
      Specified by:
      getRequiredPermissions in class Component
      the (possibly empty, never null) list of permissions that are required for the user to include this in a bundle.
    • addContents

      public void addContents(@NonNull Container container)
      Description copied from class: ObjectComponent
      Add contents to a container
      addContents in class ObjectComponent<Computer>
      container - a Container
    • addContents

      public void addContents(@NonNull Container container, @NonNull Computer item)
      Description copied from class: ObjectComponent
      Add contents from a specific item to a container
      Specified by:
      addContents in class ObjectComponent<Computer>
      container - the Container
      item - the item
    • getCategory

      @NonNull public Component.ComponentCategory getCategory()
      Description copied from class: Component
      Specify in which Component.ComponentCategory the current component is related.
      getCategory in class Component
      An enum value of Component.ComponentCategory.
    • addUnixContents

      protected void addUnixContents(@NonNull Container container, @NonNull Node node)
    • afterAddUnixContents

      protected void afterAddUnixContents(@NonNull Container container, @NonNull Node node, String name)
      Override this method if you want to hook some code after addUnixContents(Container, Node).
      container - the support Container.
      node - the node for which the method is called.
      name - the node name, "master" if Controller, and slave/${nodeName} if an agent.
    • getSystemPlatform

      public SystemPlatform getSystemPlatform(Node node)
    • isApplicable

      public <C extends AbstractModelObject> boolean isApplicable(Class<C> clazz)
      Description copied from class: ObjectComponent
      Return if this component is applicable to a specific class of item.
      isApplicable in class ObjectComponent<Computer>
      Type Parameters:
      C - Object that extends AbstractModelObject
      clazz - the class
      true if applicable to this class