Class Whitelist

    • Constructor Detail

      • Whitelist

        public Whitelist()
    • Method Detail

      • permitsMethod

        public abstract boolean permitsMethod​(@Nonnull
                                              Method method,
                                              Object receiver,
                                              Object[] args)
        Checks whether a given virtual method may be invoked.

        Note that method should not be implementing or overriding a method in a supertype; in such a case the caller must pass that supertype method instead. In other words, call site selection is the responsibility of the caller (such as GroovySandbox), not the whitelist.

        method - a method defined in the JVM
        receiver - this, the receiver of the method call
        args - zero or more arguments
        true to allow the method to be called, false to reject it
      • permitsStaticFieldGet

        public abstract boolean permitsStaticFieldGet​(@Nonnull
                                                      Field field)
      • all

        public static Whitelist all()
        Checks for all whitelists registered as Extensions and aggregates them.
        an aggregated default list