Class ProjectCreationEngine

    • Method Detail

      • readResolve

        public Object readResolve()
      • triggerCreateProjects

        public Map<String,​String> triggerCreateProjects()
        Triggers creation of automatically generated projects; if enabled.

        Note: This does not check if the user has enough permissions to create jobs. It is up to the caller to ensure that.

        a map containing the results of the generation with entries: (project-name, human-readable-result)
      • doCreateProjects

        public void doCreateProjects​(org.kohsuke.stapler.StaplerRequest req,
                                     org.kohsuke.stapler.StaplerResponse rsp)
        This starts the job creation and redirects the user to the result page.

        Do NOT call this directly, if not triggered by the user. Instead call triggerCreateProjects().

      • notifyJenkinsStartupComplete

        public void notifyJenkinsStartupComplete()
      • getEnableReflectionCaching

        public boolean getEnableReflectionCaching()
        whether or not the results of some expensive reflection calls (Class.isAssignableFrom(Class)) should be cached.
      • getEnableCreation

        public boolean getEnableCreation()
      • getTriggerOnChange

        public boolean getTriggerOnChange()
      • getTriggerOnStartup

        public boolean getTriggerOnStartup()
      • getCopyOnRename

        public boolean getCopyOnRename()
      • getEnableApplyButton

        public boolean getEnableApplyButton()
      • getRenameRestriction

        public String getRenameRestriction()
      • currentUserMayRename

        public boolean currentUserMayRename()
      • getDisallowVanillaArchiver

        public boolean getDisallowVanillaArchiver()
      • getAcceptableErrorUrls

        public String getAcceptableErrorUrls()
        Returns the list of error URLs that are safe to ignore when checking the validation fields of the job configuration files. See: resources/hudson/plugins/project_inheritance/projects/InheritanceProject/adjunct/detectValidationErrors.js
        the value of getAcceptableErrorUrlsList() joined with '\n' as the separator.
      • getAcceptableErrorUrlsList

        public List<String> getAcceptableErrorUrlsList()
        Returns the list of error URLs that are safe to ignore when checking the validation fields of the job configuration files.
        the list of acceptable URLs. May be empty but never null. Returns a default list when the backing field is null.
      • isFirstInCreationMating

        public boolean isFirstInCreationMating​(String creationClass)
      • getTemplates

        public List<ProjectTemplate> getTemplates()
        the list of templates. May be empty, but never null
      • getConfigFile

        protected File getConfigFile()
      • getLastCreationState

        public Map<String,​String> getLastCreationState()
      • setEnableCreation

        public void setEnableCreation​(boolean enabled)
      • generateNameFor

        public static final String generateNameFor​(String variance,
                                                   String... projects)