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all() - Static method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotProvisioner
apply(NodeProvisioner.StrategyState) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotProvisionerStrategy
asNode() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave


BecauseNodeIsDedicated - Static variable in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
Build is blocked because node is dedicated to another queue item


canRun(Queue.Item) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotProvisioner
Determine if the underlying infrastructure has enough resources to create a slave for this $Queue.Item.
canRun(Queue.Item) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotQueueTaskDispatcher
canTake(Queue.BuildableItem) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
countExecutors(Class<T>, Predicate<T>...) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotProvisioner
Utility method to count active one-shot-executors.
createComputer() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
createLauncher(TaskListener) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
Pipeline does not use the same mechanism to use nodes, so we also need to consider $OneShotSlave.createLauncher(TaskListener) as an event to determine first use of the slave. see


DeadComputer - Class in org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot
DeadComputer(OneShotSlave) - Constructor for class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.DeadComputer
doActualLaunch(TaskListener) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
doLaunchSlaveAgent(StaplerRequest, StaplerResponse) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.DeadComputer


getAssignedLabel(SubTask) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotAssignment
getAssignedNode() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotAssignment
getChannel() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.DeadComputer
getCharset() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
getComputer() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
getDefaultCharset() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.DeadComputer
getDisplayName() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
getInstance() - Static method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotProvisionerStrategy
Returns the strategy singleton for the current Jenkins instance.
getListener() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotComputer
getLogRecords() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.DeadComputer
getNode() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotComputer
getNodeDescription() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
getNumExecutors() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
getQueueItemId() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
getRetentionStrategy() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.DeadComputer


hasExecutable() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave


isActuallyOffline() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotComputer
isConnecting() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.DeadComputer
isEnabled() - Static method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotProvisionerStrategy
Returns true if this strategy is enabled for the current Jenkins instance.
isOffline() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotComputer
Claim we are online so we get task assigned to the executor, so a $Run is created, then can actually launch and report provisioning status in the build log.
isUnix() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.DeadComputer


launch(SlaveComputer, TaskListener) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotComputerLauncher
launch(C, TaskListener) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotComputerLauncher
LISTENER - Static variable in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotExecutorQueueListener


onEnterBuildable(Queue.BuildableItem) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotExecutorQueueListener
As an item enter the queue, provision a dedicated "one-shot" executor to host the build.
OneShotAssignment - Class in org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot
This action track the $OneShotSlave allocated for a task.
OneShotAssignment(String) - Constructor for class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotAssignment
OneShotCloud - Interface in org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot
OneShotComputer<S extends OneShotSlave> - Class in org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot
OneShotComputer(S) - Constructor for class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotComputer
OneShotComputerLauncher<C extends OneShotComputer> - Class in org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot
with strict check for JNLPLauncher this isn't usable anymore, see JENKINS-39232
OneShotComputerLauncher() - Constructor for class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotComputerLauncher
OneShotExecutorProvisioningError - Exception in org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot
OneShotExecutorProvisioningError() - Constructor for exception org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotExecutorProvisioningError
OneShotExecutorProvisioningError(Throwable) - Constructor for exception org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotExecutorProvisioningError
OneShotExecutorQueueListener - Class in org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot
This $QueueListener is responsible for detecting jobs that are relying on a One-Shot executor.
OneShotExecutorQueueListener() - Constructor for class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotExecutorQueueListener
OneShotProvisioner<T extends OneShotSlave> - Class in org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot
This provisioner is responsible to create $OneShotSlaves.
OneShotProvisioner() - Constructor for class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotProvisioner
OneShotProvisionerStrategy - Class in org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot
Replacement for the default NodeProvisioner to create build agent as soon as a build start.
OneShotProvisionerStrategy() - Constructor for class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotProvisionerStrategy
OneShotQueueTaskDispatcher - Class in org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot
OneShotQueueTaskDispatcher() - Constructor for class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotQueueTaskDispatcher
OneShotSlave - Class in org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot
A slave that is designed to be used only once, for a specific $Run, and as such has a life cycle to fully match the Run's one.
OneShotSlave(Queue.BuildableItem, String, String, ComputerLauncher, Charset) - Constructor for class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
onLeft(Queue.LeftItem) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotExecutorQueueListener
If item is canceled, remove the executor we created for it.
org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot - package org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot


prepareExecutorFor(Queue.BuildableItem) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotProvisioner
Prepare a $OneShotSlave to run this $Queue.BuildableItem.


removeExecutor(Executor) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.UseOnceComputer


setChannel(Channel, OutputStream, Channel.Listener) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotComputer
setEnabled(boolean) - Static method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotProvisionerStrategy
Sets whether this strategy is enabled for the current Jenkins instance.
setExecutable(Run) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
Assign a $Run to this OneShotSlave.
setExecutable() - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotSlave
Set executable based on current Executor activity.
setListener(TaskListener) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotComputer


terminate(TaskListener) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.UseOnceComputer
Implement can override this method to cleanly terminate the executor and cleanup resources.


UseOnceComputer - Class in org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot
A computer that will be used only once, for a build, then destroyed.
UseOnceComputer(Slave) - Constructor for class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.UseOnceComputer
usesOneShotExecutor(Queue.Item) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotProvisioner
Determine if this $Queue.Item do rely on One-Shot executors, and should be handled by this specific provisioner.


WAIT_FOR_RESOURCES - Static variable in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.OneShotProvisioner


_connect(boolean) - Method in class org.jenkinsci.plugins.oneshot.DeadComputer
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