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authenticate(Route, Response) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.internals.JenkinsProxyAuthenticator


cancel(boolean) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.OkHttpFuture
connectFailed(URI, SocketAddress, IOException) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.internals.JenkinsProxySelector


GET_RESPONSE - Static variable in class io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.OkHttpFuture
A converter returning the response itself.
getCall() - Method in exception io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.OkHttpFutureException
The call responsible of this exception.


io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api - package io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api
io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.internals - package io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.internals


JenkinsOkHttpClient - Class in io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api
This class allows to take into consideration if Jenkins is running behind a proxy or not and return a proper OkHttpClient client.
JenkinsProxyAuthenticator - Class in io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.internals
JenkinsProxyAuthenticator() - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.internals.JenkinsProxyAuthenticator
JenkinsProxySelector - Class in io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.internals
JenkinsProxySelector() - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.internals.JenkinsProxySelector


newClientBuilder(OkHttpClient) - Static method in class io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.JenkinsOkHttpClient
Generates a new builder for the given base client.


OkHttpFuture<T> - Class in io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api
Provides a mechanism to transform an HTTP response asynchronously relying only on JDK APIs.
OkHttpFuture(Call) - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.OkHttpFuture
Creates a future with no converter.
OkHttpFuture(Call, ResponseConverter<T>) - Constructor for class io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.OkHttpFuture
OkHttpFutureException - Exception in io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api
OkHttpFutureException(Call, Throwable) - Constructor for exception io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.OkHttpFutureException
onResponse(Call, Response) - Method in interface io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.ResponseConverter
Called when the HTTP request finishes successfully and there is a response to process.


ResponseConverter<T> - Interface in io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api
A response converter allows to convert a Response to another object.


select(URI) - Method in class io.jenkins.plugins.okhttp.api.internals.JenkinsProxySelector
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