Interface NewRelicClient

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    public interface NewRelicClient
    REST client interface for the New Relic API.
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      • sendNotification

        void sendNotification​(String apiKey,
                              String applicationId,
                              String description,
                              String revision,
                              String changelog,
                              String user)
                       throws IOException
        Submit deployment notification
        apiKey - New Relic API key
        applicationId - Application to register deployment for
        description - Text annotation for the deployment
        revision - The revision number from your source control system
        changelog - A list of changes for this deployment
        user - The name of the user/process that triggered this deployment
        IOException - when HttpClient is not able to be closed or unexpected status code received
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      • getApiEndpoint

        String getApiEndpoint()
        Get API Endpoint URL for looking up credentials.
        The endpoint URL for the New Relic API