Package com.sonyericsson.hudson.plugins.metadata.model

Interface Summary
Metadata<P extends Metadata> Common interface for definitions and values.
MetadataContainer<T extends Metadata> A container for metadata.
MetadataParent<T extends Metadata> The Parent node of some metadata.

Class Summary
JsonUtils Constants regarding JSON conversions.
MetadataBuildAction Holds the meta data for a run.
MetadataChecks Checks for the different Metadata values and definitions.
MetadataConfigurationPage A configuration page for setting preset metadata definitions that end up on the job configuration page.
MetadataEnvironmentContributor Environment contributor for the metadata values.
MetadataJobAction Holds the meta data for a job.
MetadataJobProperty Gives support for meta data on Projects and their builds.
MetadataJobProperty.MetaDataJobPropertyDescriptor Descriptor for the MetadataJobProperty.
MetadataNodeProperty Stores metadata about Nodes.
MetadataNodeProperty.MetadataNodePropertyDescriptor Descriptor for MetadataNodeProperty.
MetadataValueDefinitionHelper Help class for definition and value comparison.
PluginImpl Main plugin singleton.
TimeDetails Standard bean holding the hour/minute/second time details.

Exception Summary
JsonUtils.ParseException Exception thrown during the conversion from JSON to internal POJO representations if something went wrong.

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