Class CliUtils

  extended by com.sonyericsson.hudson.plugins.metadata.cli.CliUtils

public abstract class CliUtils
extends Object

Common utility functions for the CLI commands.

Robert Sandell <>

Nested Class Summary
static class CliUtils.NoItemException
          Exception thrown when the user has selected something that doesn't exist.
static class CliUtils.NoMetadataException
          Exception thrown when a user has selected something that doesn't have any metadata.
static class CliUtils.Status
          Status codes to be returned from the cli commands.
Method Summary
static MetadataContainer<MetadataValue> getContainer(String node, String job, Integer build, boolean createContainer)
          Finds the container that has been selected on the commandline.
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Method Detail


public static MetadataContainer<MetadataValue> getContainer(String node,
                                                            String job,
                                                            Integer build,
                                                            boolean createContainer)
                                                     throws org.kohsuke.args4j.CmdLineException,
Finds the container that has been selected on the commandline.

node - the node parameter.
job - the job parameter
build - the build parameter
createContainer - create the container when it doesn't exist instead of failing, if the specified item doesn't exist it will still fail..
the container if one is found.
org.kohsuke.args4j.CmdLineException - if the combination of arguments are bad.
CliUtils.NoItemException - if the requested item (node, job or build) couldn't be found.
CliUtils.NoMetadataException - if the item doesn't contain any metadata.
IOException - if a metadata container needed to be added and it failed to do so.

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