Class ConnectionsPlugin.DescriptorImpl

  extended by hudson.model.Descriptor<T>
      extended by hudson.tasks.BuildStepDescriptor<hudson.tasks.Publisher>
          extended by
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public static final class ConnectionsPlugin.DescriptorImpl
extends hudson.tasks.BuildStepDescriptor<hudson.tasks.Publisher>

Descriptor for NexusMetadataBuilder. Used as a singleton. The class is marked as public so that it can be accessed from views.

See src/main/resources/hudson/plugins/hello_world/NexusMetadataBuilder/*.jelly for the actual HTML fragment for the configuration screen.

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hudson.model.Descriptor.FormException, hudson.model.Descriptor.PropertyType, hudson.model.Descriptor.Self
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 String getDisplayName()
          This human readable name is used in the configuration screen.
 boolean isApplicable(Class<? extends hudson.model.AbstractProject> aClass)
          To persist global configuration information, simply store it in a field and call save().
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Constructor Detail


public ConnectionsPlugin.DescriptorImpl()
Method Detail


public boolean isApplicable(Class<? extends hudson.model.AbstractProject> aClass)
To persist global configuration information, simply store it in a field and call save().

If you don't want fields to be persisted, use transient.

Specified by:
isApplicable in class hudson.tasks.BuildStepDescriptor<hudson.tasks.Publisher>


public String getDisplayName()
This human readable name is used in the configuration screen.

Specified by:
getDisplayName in class hudson.model.Descriptor<hudson.tasks.Publisher>

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