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DefaultNodeSelector, DefaultRestartPolicy, DefaultWorkspaceVolume, RestrictedPssSecurityContextInjector

public interface PodDecorator extends ExtensionPoint
Allows to alter a pod definition after it has been built from the yaml and DSL/GUI configuration.
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    • decorateAll

      @NonNull static io.fabric8.kubernetes.api.model.Pod decorateAll(@NonNull KubernetesCloud kubernetesCloud, @NonNull io.fabric8.kubernetes.api.model.Pod pod) throws PodDecoratorException
      Goes through all the PodDecorator extensions and decorates the pod.
      kubernetesCloud - The cloud this pod will be scheduled as context.
      pod - the initial pod definition before decoration.
      The modified pod definition.
      PodDecoratorException - Should any of the decorators fail to decorate the pod.
    • decorate

      @NonNull io.fabric8.kubernetes.api.model.Pod decorate(@NonNull KubernetesCloud kubernetesCloud, @NonNull io.fabric8.kubernetes.api.model.Pod pod)