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getCloud() - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudAction
getDisplayName() - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudAction
getDisplayName() - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudGenerator.DescriptorImpl
getExcludes() - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudGenerator
getHelpFile() - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudGenerator.DescriptorImpl
getIconFileName() - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudAction
getIncludes() - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudGenerator
getOwner() - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudAction
getProjectActions(AbstractProject<?, ?>) - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudGenerator
getRequiredMonitorService() - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudGenerator
getUrlName() - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudAction


invoke(File, VirtualChannel) - Method in class jenkins.plugins.SourceCodeReader
Executed on the slave where the build is running.
isApplicable(Class<? extends AbstractProject>) - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudGenerator.DescriptorImpl


jenkins.plugins - package jenkins.plugins


newInstance(StaplerRequest, JSONObject) - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudGenerator.DescriptorImpl


perform(AbstractBuild<?, ?>, Launcher, BuildListener) - Method in class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudGenerator


SourceCodeReader - Class in jenkins.plugins
Executed on the slave to find which files should be used for checking the delta in the test count.
SourceCodeReader(String, String) - Constructor for class jenkins.plugins.SourceCodeReader


TagCloudAction - Class in jenkins.plugins
TagCloudAction(AbstractProject<?, ?>, String, int) - Constructor for class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudAction
TagCloudAction(AbstractProject<?, ?>) - Constructor for class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudAction
TagCloudGenerator - Class in jenkins.plugins
TagCloudGenerator(String, String, Integer) - Constructor for class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudGenerator
TagCloudGenerator.DescriptorImpl - Class in jenkins.plugins
TagCloudGenerator.DescriptorImpl() - Constructor for class jenkins.plugins.TagCloudGenerator.DescriptorImpl
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