Class IACValidationService

  • public class IACValidationService
    extends Object
    IACValidationService provides functionality for interfacing with SCC IAC Validation API, validating and processing response.
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      • validateIAC

        public List<Violation> validateIAC​(@NonNull
                                           @NonNull ValidateIACParams validateIACParams)
        Invokes SCC IAC Validation Service, processes response and polls on the operation URL to get the validation report.
        violations detected in the IAC file.
      • validateCredentials

        public void validateCredentials​(String orgID,
                                        Secret credential)
                                 throws IOException
        Validate SCC Credentials Corresponding to the OrgId.
        orgID - GCP organizationId
        credential - SCC credential corresponding to the orgID.
        IOException - scenarios where exception occurs during network I/O or request serialization.