Class Cleaner

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ExtensionPoint, Runnable

    public class Cleaner
    extends PeriodicWork
    Removes post-commit hooks from repositories that we no longer care. This runs periodically in a delayed fashion to avoid hitting GitHub too often.
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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      • Cleaner

        public Cleaner()
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      • doRun

        protected void doRun()
                      throws Exception
        Each run this work fetches alive repo names (which has trigger for it) then if names queue is not empty (any job was reconfigured with GH trigger change), next name passed to WebhookManager with list of active names to check and unregister old hooks
        Specified by:
        doRun in class SafeTimerTask
      • get

        public static Cleaner get()