Class GitSCMStatusChecksExtension

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      String getName()
      Defines the status checks name which is also used as identifier for GitHub checks.
      boolean isSkip()
      Defines whether to skip publishing status checks.
      boolean isSkipProgressUpdates()
      Returns whether to suppress progress updates from the io.jenkins.plugins.checks.status.FlowExecutionAnalyzer.
      boolean isSuppressLogs()
      Defines whether to suppress log output in status checks.
      boolean isUnstableBuildNeutral()
      Defines whether to publish unstable builds as neutral status checks.
      void setName​(String name)
      Set the name of the status checks.
      void setSkip​(boolean skip)
      Set if skip publishing status checks.
      void setSkipProgressUpdates​(boolean skipProgressUpdates)  
      void setSuppressLogs​(boolean suppressLogs)  
      void setUnstableBuildNeutral​(boolean unstableBuildNeutral)  
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      • GitSCMStatusChecksExtension

        public GitSCMStatusChecksExtension()
        Constructor for stapler.
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      • isSkipProgressUpdates

        public boolean isSkipProgressUpdates()
        Description copied from interface: GitHubStatusChecksConfigurations
        Returns whether to suppress progress updates from the io.jenkins.plugins.checks.status.FlowExecutionAnalyzer. Queued, Checkout and Completed will still run but not 'onNewHead'
        Specified by:
        isSkipProgressUpdates in interface GitHubStatusChecksConfigurations
        true if progress updates should be skipped.
      • setSkipProgressUpdates

        public void setSkipProgressUpdates​(boolean skipProgressUpdates)
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
        Set the name of the status checks.
        name - name of the checks
      • setSkip

        public void setSkip​(boolean skip)
        Set if skip publishing status checks.
        skip - true if skip
      • setUnstableBuildNeutral

        public void setUnstableBuildNeutral​(boolean unstableBuildNeutral)
      • setSuppressLogs

        public void setSuppressLogs​(boolean suppressLogs)