Class GitHubSCMSourceStatusChecksTrait

    • Constructor Detail

      • GitHubSCMSourceStatusChecksTrait

        public GitHubSCMSourceStatusChecksTrait()
        Constructor for stapler.
    • Method Detail

      • isSkip

        public boolean isSkip()
        Defines whether to skip publishing status checks.
        Specified by:
        isSkip in interface GitHubStatusChecksConfigurations
        true to skip publishing checks
      • isSkipNotifications

        public boolean isSkipNotifications()
        Defines whether to skip notifications from GitHubBuildStatusNotification which utilizes the GitHub Status API.
        true to skip notifications
      • isSkipProgressUpdates

        public boolean isSkipProgressUpdates()
        Description copied from interface: GitHubStatusChecksConfigurations
        Returns whether to suppress progress updates from the io.jenkins.plugins.checks.status.FlowExecutionAnalyzer. Queued, Checkout and Completed will still run but not 'onNewHead'
        Specified by:
        isSkipProgressUpdates in interface GitHubStatusChecksConfigurations
        true if progress updates should be skipped.
      • setSkipProgressUpdates

        public void setSkipProgressUpdates​(boolean skipProgressUpdates)
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
        Set the name of the status checks.
        name - name of the checks
      • setSkip

        public void setSkip​(boolean skip)
        Set if skip publishing status checks.
        skip - true if skip
      • setUnstableBuildNeutral

        public void setUnstableBuildNeutral​(boolean unstableBuildNeutral)
      • setSkipNotifications

        public void setSkipNotifications​(boolean skipNotifications)
      • setSuppressLogs

        public void setSuppressLogs​(boolean suppressLogs)
      • decorateContext

        protected void decorateContext​(jenkins.scm.api.trait.SCMSourceContext<?,​?> context)
        decorateContext in class jenkins.scm.api.trait.SCMSourceTrait