Klasse ForensicsBuildAction

Alle implementierten Schnittstellen:
Action, ModelObject, Serializable, RunAction2, SimpleBuildStep.LastBuildAction, org.kohsuke.stapler.StaplerProxy

public class ForensicsBuildAction extends io.jenkins.plugins.util.BuildAction<RepositoryStatistics> implements org.kohsuke.stapler.StaplerProxy
Controls the life cycle of the forensics results in a job. This action persists the results of a build and displays a summary on the build page. The actual visualization of the results is defined in the matching summary.jelly file. This action also provides access to the forensics details: these are rendered using a new view instance.
Ullrich Hafner
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  • Konstruktordetails

    • ForensicsBuildAction

      public ForensicsBuildAction(Run<?,?> owner, RepositoryStatistics repositoryStatistics, int miningDurationSeconds, String scmKey, int number)
      Creates a new instance of ForensicsBuildAction.
      owner - the associated build that created the statistics
      repositoryStatistics - the statistics to persist with this action
      miningDurationSeconds - the duration of the mining operation in [s]
      scmKey - key of the repository
      number - unique number of the results (used as part of the serialization file name)
  • Methodendetails

    • readResolve

      protected Object readResolve()
      Setzt außer Kraft:
      readResolve in Klasse io.jenkins.plugins.util.BuildAction<RepositoryStatistics>
    • createProjectAction

      protected ForensicsJobAction createProjectAction()
      Angegeben von:
      createProjectAction in Klasse io.jenkins.plugins.util.BuildAction<RepositoryStatistics>
    • createXmlStream

      protected final RepositoryStatisticsXmlStream createXmlStream()
      Angegeben von:
      createXmlStream in Klasse io.jenkins.plugins.util.BuildAction<RepositoryStatistics>
    • getBuildResultBaseName

      protected String getBuildResultBaseName()
      Angegeben von:
      getBuildResultBaseName in Klasse io.jenkins.plugins.util.BuildAction<RepositoryStatistics>
    • getIconFileName

      public String getIconFileName()
      Angegeben von:
      getIconFileName in Schnittstelle Action
    • getDisplayName

      public String getDisplayName()
      Angegeben von:
      getDisplayName in Schnittstelle Action
      Angegeben von:
      getDisplayName in Schnittstelle ModelObject
    • getTarget

      public Object getTarget()
      Returns the detail view for the forensics data for all Stapler requests.
      Angegeben von:
      getTarget in Schnittstelle org.kohsuke.stapler.StaplerProxy
      Gibt zurück:
      the detail view for the forensics data
    • getUrlName

      public String getUrlName()
      Angegeben von:
      getUrlName in Schnittstelle Action
    • getNumberOfFiles

      public int getNumberOfFiles()
    • getMiningDurationSeconds

      public int getMiningDurationSeconds()
    • getTotalLinesOfCode

      public int getTotalLinesOfCode()
    • getTotalChurn

      public int getTotalChurn()
    • getCommitStatistics

      public CommitStatistics getCommitStatistics()
    • getScmKey

      public String getScmKey()
    • toString

      public String toString()
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      toString in Klasse Object