Class EnvInjectInfo

    • Field Detail

      • propertiesFilePath

        protected String propertiesFilePath
      • propertiesContent

        protected String propertiesContent
      • populateTriggerCause

        protected transient boolean populateTriggerCause
    • Constructor Detail

      • EnvInjectInfo

        public EnvInjectInfo​(String propertiesFilePath,
                             String propertiesContent)
    • Method Detail

      • getPropertiesFilePath

        public String getPropertiesFilePath()
      • getPropertiesContent

        public String getPropertiesContent()
      • fixCrLf

        protected String fixCrLf​(@CheckForNull
                                 String s)
        Fix CR/LF and always make it Unix style.
        String with fixed line endings. May return null only for null input