Class DebianPbuilder

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ExtensionPoint, Describable<Builder>, BuildStep, SimpleBuildStep

    public class DebianPbuilder
    extends Builder
    implements SimpleBuildStep
    Jenkins plugin that builds Debian packages in a pbuilder/cowbuilder environement. Based off of: The reason for having this as an actual plugin instead of the scripts is so that we can have builders on different machines that can all communicate back to the master Jenkins instance.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DebianPbuilder

        public DebianPbuilder()
      • DebianPbuilder

        public DebianPbuilder​(int numberCores,
                              String distribution,
                              String mirrorSite,
                              boolean buildAsTag,
                              String additionalBuildResults,
                              String architecture)
    • Method Detail

      • setNumberCores

        public void setNumberCores​(int cores)
      • setDistribution

        public void setDistribution​(String distribution)
      • setMirrorSite

        public void setMirrorSite​(String mirrorSite)
      • setBuildAsTag

        public void setBuildAsTag​(boolean buildAsTag)
      • setAdditionalBuildResults

        public void setAdditionalBuildResults​(String additionalBuildResults)
      • setArchitecture

        public void setArchitecture​(String architecture)
      • setDebianDirLocation

        public void setDebianDirLocation​(String debianDirLocation)
      • setKeyring

        public void setKeyring​(String keyring)
      • setComponents

        public void setComponents​(String components)
      • setGuessComponents

        public void setGuessComponents​(boolean guess)
      • setPristineTarName

        public void setPristineTarName​(String pristinetarName)
      • setOtherMirror

        public void setOtherMirror​(String otherMirror)
      • setExtraPackages

        public void setExtraPackages​(String extraPackages)
      • getNumberCores

        public int getNumberCores()
      • getDistribution

        public String getDistribution()
      • getMirrorSite

        public String getMirrorSite()
      • getBuildAsTag

        public boolean getBuildAsTag()
      • getAdditionalBuildResults

        public String getAdditionalBuildResults()
      • getArchitecture

        public String getArchitecture()
      • getDebianDirLocation

        public String getDebianDirLocation()
      • getKeyring

        public String getKeyring()
      • isDebianDistribution

        public boolean isDebianDistribution()
      • isUbuntuDistribution

        public boolean isUbuntuDistribution()
      • getComponents

        public String getComponents()
      • getGuessComponents

        public boolean getGuessComponents()
      • getPristineTarName

        public String getPristineTarName()
      • getOtherMirror

        public String getOtherMirror()
      • getExtraPackages

        public String getExtraPackages()