Class DescribableAttribute<Owner,​Type>

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      • possibleValues

        public List<String> possibleValues()
        Description copied from class: Attribute
        If this attribute is constrained to a limited set of value, here they are
        possibleValues in class Attribute<Owner,​Type>
        A list of possible types
      • getPreferredSymbol

        public static String getPreferredSymbol​(Descriptor d,
                                                Class extensionPoint,
                                                Class target)
        Retrieve the preferred symbol for this descriptor
      • getSymbols

        public static List<String> getSymbols​(Descriptor d,
                                              Class extensionPoint,
                                              Class target)
        Retrieve all possible symbols for this descriptor, first one being preferred one. If a Symbol annotation is set, all values are accepted the last one being preferred