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axes() - Method in enum io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup.ExecuteOn


ChefIdentity - Class in io.chef.jenkins
Represents a Chef Identity.
ChefIdentity() - Constructor for class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentity
ChefIdentity(String, String, String) - Constructor for class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentity
ChefIdentityBuildWrapper - Class in io.chef.jenkins
Sample SimpleBuildWrapper.
ChefIdentityBuildWrapper(String) - Constructor for class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityBuildWrapper
ChefIdentityBuildWrapper.DescriptorImpl - Class in io.chef.jenkins
Descriptor for ChefIdentityBuildWrapper.
ChefIdentityCleanup - Class in io.chef.jenkins
Modeled after the Workspace Cleanup plugin, but just for the .chef folder
ChefIdentityCleanup(ChefIdentityCleanup.ExecuteOn) - Constructor for class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup
ChefIdentityCleanup.DescriptorImpl - Class in io.chef.jenkins
ChefIdentityCleanup.ExecuteOn - Enum in io.chef.jenkins
ChefIdentityCleanup.WrapperDisposerImpl - Class in io.chef.jenkins
ChefIdentityCleanup_delete_chef_folder() - Static method in class io.chef.jenkins.Messages
Key ChefIdentityCleanup.delete_chef_folder: Delete .chef folder when build is done.
configure(StaplerRequest, JSONObject) - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityBuildWrapper.DescriptorImpl
createAggregator(MatrixBuild, Launcher, BuildListener) - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup


DescriptorImpl() - Constructor for class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityBuildWrapper.DescriptorImpl
In order to load the persisted global configuration, you have to call load() in the constructor.
DescriptorImpl() - Constructor for class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup.DescriptorImpl


getChefIdentities() - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityBuildWrapper.DescriptorImpl
getChefIdentities() - Static method in class io.chef.jenkins.util.IdentitiesUtils
getChefIdentity(String) - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityBuildWrapper.DescriptorImpl
getDescriptor() - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityBuildWrapper
getDisplayName() - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityBuildWrapper.DescriptorImpl
This human readable name is used in the configuration screen.
getDisplayName() - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup.DescriptorImpl
getIdName() - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentity
getJobIdentity() - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityBuildWrapper
We'll use this from the config.jelly.
getKnifeRb() - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentity
getPemKey() - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentity
getRequiredMonitorService() - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup


IdentitiesUtils - Class in io.chef.jenkins.util
IdentitiesUtils() - Constructor for class io.chef.jenkins.util.IdentitiesUtils
io.chef.jenkins - package io.chef.jenkins
io.chef.jenkins.util - package io.chef.jenkins.util
isApplicable(AbstractProject<?, ?>) - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityBuildWrapper.DescriptorImpl
isApplicable(Class) - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup.DescriptorImpl


matrix() - Method in enum io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup.ExecuteOn
Messages - Class in io.chef.jenkins
Generated localization support class.
Messages() - Constructor for class io.chef.jenkins.Messages


needsToRunAfterFinalized() - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup
newInstance(StaplerRequest, JSONObject) - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup.DescriptorImpl


perform(AbstractBuild<?, ?>, Launcher, BuildListener) - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup


setChefIdentities(List<ChefIdentity>) - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityBuildWrapper.DescriptorImpl
setUp(SimpleBuildWrapper.Context, Run<?, ?>, FilePath, Launcher, TaskListener, EnvVars) - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityBuildWrapper


tearDown(Run<?, ?>, FilePath, Launcher, TaskListener) - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup.WrapperDisposerImpl


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup.ExecuteOn
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup.ExecuteOn
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.


WrapperDisposerImpl() - Constructor for class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup.WrapperDisposerImpl


_ChefIdentityCleanup_delete_chef_folder() - Static method in class io.chef.jenkins.Messages
Key ChefIdentityCleanup.delete_chef_folder: Delete .chef folder when build is done.
_perform(AbstractBuild<?, ?>, Launcher, BuildListener) - Method in class io.chef.jenkins.ChefIdentityCleanup
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