Class BlueOceanUIProvider

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    public abstract class BlueOceanUIProvider
    extends Object
    implements ExtensionPoint
    BlueOcean UI provider. Provides basic UI configuration.
    Vivek Pandey
    • Constructor Detail

      • BlueOceanUIProvider

        public BlueOceanUIProvider()
    • Method Detail

      • getRootUrl

        public abstract String getRootUrl()
        Root url where Jenkins is hosted. Must end with '/' suffix.
        it can return null if request is not made in context of HTTP request or root url is not configured.
      • getUrlBasePrefix

        public abstract String getUrlBasePrefix()
        Gives url base prefix where blueocean is hosted. e.g. "blue". It must not include '/' prefix or suffix.
        url base
      • getLandingPagePath

        public abstract String getLandingPagePath()
        Gives landing page path. This path is suffixes to getUrlBase(). e.g. if the landing page is at URL, http://localhost:8080/jenkins/blue/organization/org1/pipelines/ then this method should return "/organization/org1/pipelines/". Must have '/' prefix and suffix.
        landing page URL path